In the Soviet-era, state-run institutions of the countries of the former USSR, tragedy couches in every corner. Not only are these children the result of tragic family circumstances, they live in orphanages that only tend to compound their tragedy, and pen future chapters perpetuating the cycle of abuse, neglect and failure.

The fact is, each child currently living in one of these old, run-down facilities faces a bleak future, unless someone actively and determinately intervenes.

"The number of children (abandoned) are increasing every year, and the system is overburdened. Resources are stretched to the limit and we have no staff to bring up these children properly. The easy way is to say nothing can be done with them, and that‘s what happens all too frequently."

 Maria Ternovskaya, Director, Children‘s Home #19, Moscow, Russia, Christian Science Monitor

 "Human Rights Watch has found that the moment Russian children are left in state institutions, they become victims of long-held prejudices that all aban-doned children are in some way 'defective.'"

What can change the course of one of these orphans’ lives?  Or rather, we should ask, Who?

The International Orphan Resource Center, Inc., was established with the purpose of developing a long-term strategy designed to effectively make a difference and positively change the course of orphans‘ lives, both while in the state-run institution, and providing transition help once they age out.‘

We realize, too, that along the journey, we need to be teaching, mentoring, imparting life skills‘ to help them not only survive, but potentially thrive in life outside the confines of the orphanage institution.